Step 1: Using the crochet hook, pull the hair through the latex strip


  • Place the strip of woven latex is placed on your  clean head of hair from one ear - over the top of the head - to your other ear,  and  attach it to your head by using the Alligator clips.
  • Your hair is gently pulled out of the holes, (starting at the lowest row of the latex) by using the crochet hook.  
  • After each row is completed a light thin line of glue is applied and dried with a hair dryer. 

Step 2: Placing the 1st Double-Sided Piece of Tape on top of the rows of hair


  • When all rows are completed, one of the strips of the doubled sided adhesive tape (with one side of the backing removed) is placed on top of the hair (that has been pulled through the latex by the crochet hook). Then, using the tape as a guide, the hair is first cut across the top of the head. 

Step 3: Using the Clipper to 'buzz off' the rows of pulled hair from your head.


  • Using the clipper, you'll now 'buzz cut' under the latex strip to remove it from your scalp. Once that's done you are on your way to creating  your "Shebangz".