Creating Your "Shebangz"

  •  After removal from the scalp, the latex strip is turned over so that, if wanted or necessary, more hair can be placed. Better said... this is what it looks like after you've 'buzzed cut' it off your head.  Want it fuller? Add more  pieces of hair now. (You can always trim it!)  
  • A small amount of glue is applied on this side (use the Popsicle stick to spread it  evenly over the strip.) A quick hair dryer on this section to dry it and the you can apply that 2nd piece of double-sided tape. 

Final Steps - You're Almost There

  • Once that’s done, the hair ‘band’ that you've just created (check out the picture above) will now be attached to the the rectangular piece of terrycloth. by removing the protective strip of the tape from the hair ‘band’ (thereby exposing the adhesive)  and pressing it onto the lower part of the rectangular terrycloth. Once that is pressed down, the remaining protective strips covering the tape (plus the 2 pieces of tape that are on the sides of the terrycloth rectangle) can be removed and the rectangle will be folded over lengthwise to create the actual band. The Velcro strip now appears on the front. You are now ready to place the Velcro precut squares into your turbans, hats or head coverings.

Putting it together...

In the picture above, you can see that the first long piece of tape (with the tab already removed)has been  placed onto rectangle and the other side is being pulled off. (For this to work, remember that the stitched Velcro must be on the the other side of the rectangle.)

All that's left to do...... remove the last two tabs and fold it over.  Congratulations! You've mastered it.  All that's left is to attach the little squares of velcro into your head coverings, hats, turbans, scarves and your now ready to greet your journey with your own hair!   

What it Look's Like When It's Finished!

  • When you originally open the terrycloth yellow rectangle, you're going to notice that there is a piece of velcro that is stiched on one side, and on the other side, with tabs that are covering tape (which will be pulled off in the final assembly). This is what it looks like when it's finished and what you'll be using in all your head coverings. Once you put the velcro tabs in your turbans, and hats, this is how it  attaches using the velcro strip.

Here's The Result

This is me. When I wore it the first time to my appointment with my wonderful oncolgist, she immediately  pulled on it and  said "What's this?" I said, "My hair".  She said, "I know that, but I thought you lost all your hair!"  I said "I did"  - it was sort of like an Abbott & Costello  "Who's on first"moment". Needless to say, she was pretty impressed with it and thought it was a valuable option that could be used by others.