About "Shebangz"

Why was it created?

  • Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer can be an overwhelming experience.  However, after  you have more information and a treatment plan in place, the process becomes a great deal more manageable. 

  • Faced with the reality of losing my hair because of chemotherapy,  being able to create something that would let me keep my own hair was the one thing I could do to keep me looking like 'me'. It also relieved me of having to pick the right color to go with my complexion, etc. and I didn't have to worry about my hair 'melting' in front of a hot stove.

How Does It Work?


  • With the help of your loved one, friend, or hairstylist, your hair is attached to a band that is fashioned into a hairpiece that can then be attached to your hats or turbans, etc.

What Are The Benefits of "Shebangz"


  • Gives you a chance to take a breath and decide what you want to do in the face of the changes taking place!

  • Keeps you feeling like you! (It’s your hair!) and eases you and your family into your treatment plan.

  • Your children  can participate in creating a "new" you. 

  • It matches your complexion, can be worn the next day, and everyday after.

  • Requires tools already in the home.(i.e. hair dryer, scissors, clippers)